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Active Equipment Installation Specifications
Apr 12, 2018

1) The active equipment, ie the host unit, remote unit, etc. of the active distribution system, must be installed in accordance with the design document (changes must be made to the change record.

2) The requirements of the equipment security program, the installation of the installation parts (rack) to be fixed, and vertical, solid, if the installation location of the installation location should be easy to commissioning, maintenance and cooling needs, the installation location of the equipment must not affect all cables And ensure that there is no interference from strong electricity, strong magnets, and strong corrosive equipment. Installation should consider the aesthetic requirements. There must be enough space around the equipment for maintenance. For the main equipment for heat dissipation on the back, it cannot be fixed to the wall. Fix it with a stand to keep a certain distance from the wall for heat dissipation.

3) For the indoor installation of the host, indoor flammable materials shall not be placed; the temperature and humidity of the room shall not exceed the normal working temperature and humidity of the host.

4) For the main equipment for heat dissipation on the back, it cannot be fixed on the wall. It must be fixed with a bracket to keep a certain distance from the wall to facilitate heat dissipation.

5) The device power strip has at least one three-pin socket, and the socket or empty open position is not easily touched when it is in the working state, and can be distinguished from other units' equipment by sticking specific marks according to requirements.

6) The equipment enclosure shall be grounded according to the relevant grounding requirements. The grounding shall be a 2mm2 grounding cable. Both ends of the cablehead shall be connected to the equipment enclosure and the designated grounding facilities respectively with a matching wire.

7) Install the indoor feeder grounding card according to the relevant requirements and ensure that the two ends are connected reliably.

8) When there are more than two host devices to be installed, the spacing between the main devices should be greater than 0.5 meters, and neatly installed on the same horizontal line (or vertical line).

9) The connection feeder of the input and output terminals of active equipment must be attached to the label according to the relevant requirements. The label is firmly and beautifully affixed, and the writing is clear. The equipment itself selects the relevant label according to the requirements of the construction unit.

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