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Antenna Installation Specifications
Apr 12, 2018

1 Indoor Antenna Installation

1) The installation position of the antenna should meet the requirements of the design plan, and be installed in the center of the ceiling of the ceiling to maintain the appearance. If there is any change in the actual position, the alteration record must be made.

2) If it is a ceiling-mounted omni-directional antenna, it shall be fixedly installed under the ceiling or the ceiling of the ceiling to ensure that the antenna is beautiful in appearance, and shall not be tilted or shaken, and it shall not damage the whole indoor environment. If the ceiling of the ceiling is plasterboard or wooden structure, the antenna can also be installed in the ceiling of the ceiling, but the antenna must be firmly fixed, the bracket can be made to be fixed, but the antenna can not be tied to fire and other pipelines, and can not be placed arbitrarily In the ceiling of the ceiling.

3) If it is a wall-mounted antenna, it must be firmly mounted on the wall to ensure that the antenna is vertical and beautiful without damaging the entire indoor environment.

2 Outdoor Antenna Installation

1) It must be firmly fixed on the antenna pole or antenna bracket with the special fixing device, no matter whether the pole or bracket must be selected according to the actual scene, it is not only easy to install, but also to achieve a certain outdoor wind resistance level to prevent Natural conditions affect the actual use of the entire equipment. The pole must be grounded and protected against lightning according to the relevant regulations. The antenna connector should be sealed with waterproof tape or silicone, and the jumper connecting the antenna must be a “water drop”.

2) The lightning rod requires good electrical performance and good grounding. The outdoor antenna should be within the 45 degree protection angle of the lightning rod.

3) The antenna must be firmly mounted on its support, and its height is in accordance with the design plan.

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