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Antenna radiation principle
Feb 28, 2018

Antenna definition

An apparatus capable of efficiently radiating electromagnetic waves to a specific direction in a space or electromagnetic waves capable of effectively receiving a certain direction in a space.


Antenna half-wave oscillator

The half-wave dipole is the basic radiating element of the antenna. The longer the wavelength, the larger the half-wave dipole of the antenna.


Antenna radiation pattern

Used to describe the antenna in all directions in space have the ability to launch and receive electromagnetic waves. Three-dimensional radiation is generally three-dimensional map.

The actual evaluation is converted into two-dimensional plane graphics, the horizontal plane and vertical plane pattern.


Antenna components

The same base station antenna has a variety of design options to achieve. The design involves the following four parts of the antenna:

1) Radiation unit (Symmetry oscillator or patch [element])

2) reflector (backplane)

3) Power Distribution Network (Feed Network)

4) package protection (radome)

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