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Antennas are an integral part of any radiocommunication system
Feb 28, 2018

Antennas are an integral part of any radiocommunication system. Different types of radio equipment to perform the task although different, but the antenna in the device's role is basically the same. Any radio device transmits information by radio waves, so it must have a device capable of radiating or receiving electromagnetic waves.


Therefore, the antenna's first role is to radiate and receive electromagnetic waves. Of course, something that radiates or receives electromagnetic waves may not always be used as an antenna.


Another function of the antenna is "energy conversion." We all know that the transmitter is not fed into the antenna through the feeder radio waves, the receiver antenna can not be directly into the receiver radio waves, there is an energy conversion process, that is, the transmitter generates high-frequency Oscillatory current into the antenna input via the feeder, the antenna to high-frequency current to high-frequency electromagnetic waves into the space, in the form of waves to the surrounding space radiation. On the other hand, when receiving, the energy of the intercepted high-frequency electromagnetic wave is also converted into the energy of the high-frequency current by the receiving antenna and then sent to the receiver. Obviously there is a problem of conversion efficiency. The higher the antenna gain, the higher the conversion efficiency.


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