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Attenuator notes
Aug 19, 2017

Attenuator notes

1 frequency response: that is, frequency bandwidth, usually expressed in Hertz (MHz) or Gichz (GHz). General attenuator, the bandwidth is about 5GHz, the highest to 50GHz.

2 、 attenuation range and structure form:

Attenuation range refers to the attenuation ratio, generally 3dB, 10dB, 14dB, 20dB, ranging from up to 110dB. Its attenuation formula is: 10lg (input / output), example: 10dB characterization: input: output = attenuation times =10 times.

The structure is usually divided into two forms: fixed proportion attenuator and stepped proportional attenuator. Fixed attenuator refers to a fixed frequency ratio of the attenuator in a certain frequency range. Step attenuator is a fixed value (1dB), such as interval adjustable ratio of attenuator, divided into manual step attenuator and programmable step attenuator.

3, connection head form and connection size:

The connecting heads are divided into BNC type, N type, TNC type, SMA type, SMC type, etc. at the same time, the connecting head has two kinds of yin and yang.

Connection size is divided into metric and English form, more than according to the use of requirements; if the connection head of various types, need to connect, can be equipped with the corresponding connection conversion head, for example: BNC to N type first class.

4 attenuation index:

Attenuation indicators have many requirements, mainly in the following areas: attenuation accuracy, withstand power, characteristic impedance, reliability, repeatability and so on.

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