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Cabling installation specifications
Apr 12, 2018

1 Plane cabling

1) The wiring must be laid in accordance with the requirements of the design document (plan). If any change is required, the change record shall be made. The alignment shall be firm and beautiful, and no crossover, distortion or cracking shall occur.

2) When the jumpers or feeders need to be bent and laid, the bending angle is kept smooth, and the curvature should meet the requirements of feeder technical indicators:

3) Feeders and Category 5 lines should avoid laying cables together with high-voltage high-pressure pipes and fire-fighting pipelines to ensure that there are no interferences caused by strong electric currents and strong magnetic fields. Category 5 lines should not be placed in conduits, cabinets and machine rooms without casing. In other cases, PVC pipe protection is required.

4) The feeder shall be laid in the ceiling of the ceiling as far as possible, and shall be firmly fixed with a tie, and the excess of the tie must be removed, but care must not be taken to tie the feeder to fire-fighting pipes and ducts. The patch cords or feeders connected to the equipment shall be firmly fixed according to relevant regulations and ensure that the feeders or jumpers of this part are beautiful; the feeders not laid in the ceilings and trunks must be made of PVC pipe or metal. Hose protection. The corners can be protected by bellows or metal hoses. The joint must be taped.

5) The fixed spacing of the wiring should refer to the relevant provisions, the spacing between the general fixing points shall not be greater than 2m, and the phenomenon that the cable is dropped on the suspended ceiling shall not occur;

6) The connector of the feeder must be firmly installed with good contact. Generally, it should be sealed with electrician's special insulation tape. The outdoor part must use special waterproof tape or silicone to do a strict waterproof seal;

7) For the feeders not placed in the computer room and ceiling, flame-retardant PVC pipe should be used. The pipe diameter should be selected according to the diameter of the feeder. It requires all the line pipe to be laid neatly, beautifully, horizontally and vertically, and its turn should be used to turn. Elbow or corrugated hose connection;

8) The conduit shall be placed as far as possible on the wall and securely fixed with a line code or a tube card (in the event of a turn, it shall be installed on the two sides of the turn with a line code or a pipe clamp) and fixed.

9) There can be no crossover and flying overhead phenomenon;

10) If the conduits cannot be placed on the wall (such as underground car parks), the feeder conduits generally require independent wiring, which can be additionally suspended by a hanging wire, or with other pipelines (except for prohibited pipelines). Route the cables together and fix them with other cable ties;

11) Waterproof and flame-retardant materials are used to seal the wall holes in the inlet and outlet of feeders;

12) If there is no special requirement, the two ends of the feeder must be securely fixed with transparent tape, and the direction of the cable should be specified according to the design file identification. The label should be placed on the front of the cable as easily as possible, so that the writing is clear and free from falling off. , No obvious folds.

2 Vertical wiring

1) There are fixed straps or wire fixing feeders in the weak wire trough, no fixed parts can be drilled in the appropriate position on the back of the trough, and the feeders are fixed with cable ties or wires. The engineering feeders are bundled together as much as possible but absolutely not allowed. Bind the feeders to other engineering cables. The vertical spacing is as follows:

A: <1/2" wire feeder, vertical fixed spacing: 0.8 meters;

B: 1/2" wire feeder, vertical fixed spacing: 1.0 meters

2) The vertical wiring of the wireless slot in the weak shaft must be covered with flame-retardant PVC pipe all the way. The method of casing is similar to that of the plane cabling. However, at a certain distance, the cable must be directly fixed on the wall with a line card. Only the PVC can not be fixed at all times. Tube, so as not to sagging due to the weight of the cable.

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