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Mar 21, 2018

3-way Combiner C_GSM&DCS&3G DIN-Female IP67.jpg

Before introducing the combiner, first introduce the concept of the filter. The filter is a two-port network. Its basic application is to suppress unnecessary frequency signals and allow the required frequency signals to pass through, thus playing the role of frequency selection. In practical applications, combining two or more filters together creates a duplexer or combiner.

The combiner is a unit composed of multiple filters and is a multi-port network. All ports are input/output dual-function ports. The combiner's electrical specifications and filter specifications are basically the same.

The combiner combines multiple signal sources from the transceiver system, such as GSM, CDMA, DCS, etc., through the combiner output. The combiner has at least two input ports and one output port. The input ports are used for inputting signals of different frequency bands respectively, and the multiple input signals can be synthesized and output from the output port. It also has the opposite working mode. It is characterized by small shunt loss, high inter-band suppression, large power capacity, and good temperature stability. The combiner is divided into two types: the same frequency combiner and the different frequency combiner.

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