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Mar 21, 2018

Connector N-Male for RG213 Cable .png

Feeder connector

A removable RF connector is generally used to connect the feeder to the device, device and different types of cable. Connectors are commonly known as connectors.

Common RF connectors include DIN connectors, N connectors, BNC/TNC connectors, SMA connectors, and invert connectors. Connectors are J heads.

DIN connectors are generally used for macro base station RF output.

The N-type connector is the most widely used connector in the indoor distribution and has good mechanical properties and can be used with most feeders. The feeder is connected to the device. The connector is divided into 7/8 connectors and 1/2 connectors (usually) according to the feeder wire diameter. The 7/8 connector end is significantly larger than the other end, and the large end is connected to the 7/8 feeder, but small. One end is connected to various devices (such as power dividers). The 1/2 connector is the same size as the two terminals. The terminating 1/2 feeder or various devices need to look at the internal shape of the connector. The one end shown in Figure 12 is connected to the 1/2 feeder.

2. Conversion head

The connection between the connector and the connector serves to transfer the connector. Commonly there are double-headed, double-negative, right angle adapters. 

The use of L-shaped elbow is to replace the jumper less than 1 meter long to avoid the problem of insufficient feeder bend radius. N-JJ (Shuangyang) replaces jumpers less than 0.5 meters long and is used as a connector. The use of N-KK (double yin) is rather special. When the length of a long feeder is not enough during the construction process and the connection needs to be continued, two female feeders can be used to connect two feeders.

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