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Disadvantages of Repeater
Mar 01, 2017

Repeater and also clearly in the base station, mainly in:

(1) do not increase the system capacity.

(2) after the introduction of the Repeater and base stations increased by about 3dB of noise, deterioration of the working conditions at the base station, RADIUS reduced. So a base station and a sector can only work with two Repeater.

(3) the Repeater only frequency cannot be Code Division, a Repeater is often multiple base stations or more sectors of the signal to be amplified. After the introduction of too many repeaters, leading base station code phase-chaos pilot frequency pollution, optimize work difficult, while increasing unnecessary soft handoff.

(4) repeaters of network management and device detection than the base station when the Repeater problem may be hidden.

(5) due to the isolation requirements limit Repeater installation conditions are much more demanding than base stations, Repeater, the performance often cannot be fully realized.

(6) if the self-excitation of Repeater or Repeater nearby sources of interference, will have a serious impact on the original network. Because of Repeater antenna high, will interfere with the damaging effects of big size. CDMA is an RF system and the surrounding base stations paralyzed are likely to be blocked.

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