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hybrid coupler
Mar 21, 2018


A hybrid coupler is a type of directional coupler. It is a four-port network. Its characteristic is that two inputs and two outputs are isolated from each other. The two input ports are isolated from each other, and the two input ports output 50% of the input power of each input port. Two radio carriers are combined in different channels within the same frequency band and fed into the antenna or distribution system (usually Rx and Tx). When used as a single-port output, the other output must be connected to a matching power load to absorb the output power of the port. Otherwise, the transmission characteristics of the system will be seriously affected. The load power is determined by the power of the input signal and cannot be less than two signal powers. Level and 1/2. The load will bring a certain loss (3dB). Sometimes both output ports are used. At this time, no load is required and no loss occurs.

Due to the discrete nature of the circuit and processing assembly, the isolation of the input port of the bridge coupler is relatively low, and it is not recommended to apply the combination of the different frequency bands. It is recommended to use a duplex/multiplex combiner to improve the performance of the system and increase reliability.

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