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Indoor distribution system working principle of basic knowledge
Mar 05, 2018


Indoor distribution system is aimed at indoor user base, mainly to solve the mobile communication network within the building network coverage, network capacity, network quality of a program.

Traffic density and coverage requirements are also on the rise as mobile users in cities grow rapidly and as more high-rise buildings become available. These buildings are large in scale and have a strong shielding effect on mobile phone signals. In the lower floors of large buildings, underground shopping malls, underground parking and other environments, the mobile communication signal is weak, the mobile phone can not be used normally, forming the blind area and shadow area of mobile communication; in the middle floor, due to the overlap of signals from different surrounding base stations, Pilot pollution, cell phone frequent switching, or even dropped calls, seriously affecting the normal use of the phone. In addition, in some buildings, although the mobile phone can communicate normally, the user density is high, the channel of the base station is crowded, and the mobile phone is difficult to go online.

Indoor distribution system for the above problems provide a better solution. Its principle is to use the indoor antenna distribution system to distribute the signals of mobile communication base stations evenly in every corner of the room so as to ensure the ideal signal coverage in the indoor area.

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