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Inline Booster --signal amplifier
Mar 21, 2018

WCDMA (UMTS2100) MCPA Inline Booster 20W-0.jpg

Inline Booster is a signal amplification device added when the power becomes low and the coverage requirements cannot be satisfied. It is when the power of the signal source device is difficult to reach the coverage requirement that the power of a large signal source is emitted to cover more areas.

The downlink signal from the trunk cable enters the host via the input port (DLin), is amplified by the downstream amplifier PA, and then is output by the output port (DLout) and is sent to the trunk cable. Downlink amplifier (PA) gain adjustable range ≥ 20dB, with the system design, the downlink gain can be fine-tuned. The down power amplifier has an automatic level control circuit (ALC) that ensures that the output level is constant when the input signal level changes within the range of -10dBm to +5dBm.

The uplink signal from the trunk cable enters the host from the output port (DLout), is amplified by the uplink low noise amplifier, and then is output from the input port (DLin) and is sent to the trunk line. The gain of the uplink amplifier (LNA) can be adjusted more than 20dB. With the system design, the uplink gain can be varied within a wide range. The duplexers on both sides of the local and downlink have the characteristics of small insertion loss and high frequency isolation, which can effectively separate the uplink and downlink signals to set up amplifiers in their respective transmission links. In an indoor distribution system, the trunk amplifier belongs to the second-stage amplifier. Under the same output power, multi-stage amplification will increase the low noise of the base station. Therefore, in principle, repeater multi-level coverage is not adopted.

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