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Introduction and application of RF cable module selection
Mar 01, 2017

RF coaxial cable is used to transfer the energy of RF and microwave signals. It is a kind of distributed parameter circuit, its length is a function of physical length and speed, there is an essential difference between this and low-frequency circuits. RF coaxial cable into semi-rigid, semi soft and flexible cables of three different applications should choose a different type of cable. Semi rigid and semi-flexible cable is generally used for internal interconnection equipment; and in the fields of test and measurement, flexible cable should be used.

Semi-rigid cables

As its name implies, this cable is not likely to be easily bent into shape, the outer conductor is made of aluminum pipe or copper tube, the RF leakage is very small (<-120dB), in the system caused by signal crosstalk is negligible. This passive intermodulation characteristics of the cable would be very ideal. If you want to bend to a certain shape, requires a dedicated machine or hand tools to complete. This much is very stable performance you can process, semi rigid cable solid PTFE materials as filling medium, this material has a very stable temperature characteristics, especially under the condition of high temperature, has a very good phase stability. Semi rigid cable flexible cable costs more than half, a large number for a variety of RF and microwave systems.

Semi-flexible cable

Semi-flexible cable is an alternative to semi rigid cable, cable performance close to the semi-rigid cables, and can be molded by hand. But the slightly less stable than semi-rigid cable, because of its easy molding, the same easy, especially in the case of long-term use.

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