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Label and Sealing Specifications
Apr 12, 2018

1) Label each device and each end of each cable, and specify the device's name, serial number, and the cable's orientation based on the design file's identification.

2) The label should be affixed to the front of the device where it can be easily seen. For the indoor antenna, the label should be placed in a beautiful manner without affecting the installation of the antenna.

3) All the wiring of the host device (feeder, power line, ground, etc.) must be labeled.

4) When there are multiple devices or multiple lines in parallel, the tags must be placed on the same horizontal line;

5) There must be no device code in the schematic diagram of the same engineering system;

Sealing requirements: All outdoor connection points must be sealed.

1) Outdoor feeder connector seal

Use electrical tape to wrap the metal part of the joint;

Wrap the electrical tape with waterproof mastic and ensure it is completely sealed;

Then use electrician tape to wrap waterproof mortar firmly.

2) Only need to use electric tape wrapped for dustproof treatment at the joints of the feeder line and the feeder line;

3) The grounding point on the feeder shall be sealed tightly with waterproof cement and then wrapped with electrical tape;

4) The alignment hole/mouth between indoor and outdoor must be sealed with fireproof mud;

5) The screws (including expansion screws, lightning rod connecting screws and grounding screws) of the outdoor donor antenna bracket must be sealed with butter to prevent water and rust.

6) The expansion screws fixing the main frame must be sealed with butter to prevent rust.

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