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Passive device installation specification
Apr 12, 2018

Passive devices include combiners, power splitters, coupler attenuators, and other devices.

Passive device installation should meet the following requirements

(1) The installation location and equipment model must meet the engineering design requirements.

(2) The cable tie and the fastener are firmly fixed. It is not allowed to hang without a fixed installation. Should not be placed outside (if special circumstances need to be placed outside, must be waterproof (recommended inside wrapped around 1 layer of narrow waterproof tape, then wrapped in 3 layers of waterproof mastic, 3 layers of waterproof tape wrapped around the outside, and then wrapped around 2 layers of narrow waterproof tape, The two ends are tied with a black tie, and the head is 0.5cm.) The passive components placed in the slot are fixed with a tie.

(3) Passive devices should be clearly and clearly identified. (see the label specification for details)

(4) The joint is firm and reliable, and the electrical performance is good. Both ends should be fixed firmly.

(5) Do not touch the liquid and prevent the port from getting into dust.

(6) The vacant port must be connected to the matching load.

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