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Power Specifications
Apr 12, 2018

1) The main unit power supply cannot be connected with the plug and must be directly connected to the air switch. The mains input AC power line must match FireWire and Neutral and cannot be reversed.

2) The power supply board of the host has at least one of two-core and three-core sockets, and is placed in a safe location that is not easily touched during operation to prevent electric shock.

3) Put the socket for maintenance into the distribution box as far as possible with the meter and the air switch to ensure safety and aesthetics, and at the same time avoid being hijacked by the power system.

4) It is required to provide a stable AC input. Its input voltage allowable fluctuation range is 198V~242V.

5) DC (48V, 24V) power supply uses 2.5 square millimeters of power supply cable, and AC power supply uses 2.5 square millimeters of power supply cable.

6) If the power supply cable is long, use a fixed line code, and the appearance of the cable should be straight and beautiful.

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