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Repeater for the installation
Mar 01, 2017

Repeater antenna selection and installation process, in addition to the assurance of the Repeater receives a donor outside the base station's signal, the donor to ensure Repeater antenna isolation between antennas and business requirements, and avoid performance deterioration of the Repeater. Following some of the Repeater antenna selection and setup Note:

Depending on the signal, as well as coverage needs, choosing the right antenna gain; As the Repeater is the same frequency relay systems, it is generally not using Omni-directional antenna, it may cause a system stress. Donor antenna and a donor is a point-to-point communication between base station antennas, so choose with high gain and narrow horizontal beam of the antenna should be the most appropriate. Corner reflector antennas, log periodic antennas and parabolic antenna, to avoid introducing unnecessary pilot signals; operating antenna based on needs cover the different characteristics of the area to choose from. As to cover a is big regional, this antenna can is general base station using of directed type antenna, but must has high of gain; to for tunnel cover Shi, can selection eight wood antenna or spiral-like antenna; in indoor environment Xia, often requirements using special design of indoor antenna, indoor antenna usually needed design have easily striking, but not need as General of base station antenna as should has in bad environment of requirements, indoor business antenna network to introduced more of cable and led to Distributor loss, Thus usually used only to cover a smaller area. No matter in what kind of situations, business the shooting direction of the antenna should be strictly controlled, to ensure that the signal will not be fed into the donor antenna; if the donor and donor antenna base station meets the line of sight transmission, picking up signal purity. Donor directional good narrow-beam antenna using directional antennas, has also contributed to better pick up signal purity.

Antenna pattern: when the antenna is installed, you should make a pair of antenna antenna pattern corresponds to the zero point the zero point of the antenna pattern of a pair of antennas. Antennas are usually installed back-to-back, in this case select the antenna higher than before and after is important. General requirements of antenna than the best in more than 30dB.

Vertical separation: Repeater antenna lobe usually narrow vertically, when business and donor antenna vertical installation of the antenna, their vertical orientation will have zero points, you can obtain high isolation between antennas.

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