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The Diference between Power splitter and combiner
Feb 06, 2018

(A), splitters and combiners use the difference

1, power splitter is to achieve the signal distribution device.

2, the combiner is the same frequency band and different band signal combination.

3, the combiner as a power splitter no problem

4, the power splitter as a combiner need to pay attention to the input signal requirements are equal amplitude.

5, but pay attention to the two should pay attention to the power capacity and frequency range when using.

(B), power splitter and combiner principle difference


Duplexers and combiners look different to me, and diplexers are typically used at the equipment's outputs and inputs to isolate signals in different frequency bands. For example: mobile uplink and downlink signals. Combiners are commonly used in power circuits in hardware circuits. For example: To get a 40dbm signal, you can use two output power of 20dbm power amplifier for combining. Their internal structure should also be different principles, the internal duplexer should be a filter cavity (large duplexer), the combiner should be a coupling circuit inside.

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