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The technical parameters of RF and microwave switches
Mar 01, 2017

Microwave switch PIN tubes in DC, under reverse bias showing approximate impedance characteristics of the turn-on and turn-off, realizes control microwave signal channel.

PIN diode DC voltage-current characteristic and the PN junction diode is the same, but in the microwave band have essential differences. Due to the total charge of the PIN diode I mainly produced by the bias current, rather than by the microwaves of current instantaneous value, so the microwave signal presents a linear resistance. This determined resistance by DC bias, is partial resistance is small, close to short circuit resistance when reverse-biased, and close to the circuit breaker. PIN diode for microwave signals do not have a non-linear rectification effect, this is the essential difference between diode, so suitable for microwave control devices.

Main parameters description

The insertion loss and isolation

PIN tubes exist certain values of reactance and resistance loss, so when switching attenuation is not zero, positive insertion loss, switch is disconnected from its decay is not infinite, as isolation. Measuring switch when the two main indexes, you want low insertion loss and isolation.

Switching time

Due to the charge storage effect, PIN tube from closing into conduction States, and conducting State to cut off State requires a process switch for the time required for this process.

"Opening delay" to control the pulse controlled microwave pulse envelope in 90% to 10% time;

"Switch on time" for controlled microwave pulse envelope from the time required to 10% to 90%, has also become a "rise"

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