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Trends in RF testing
Mar 01, 2017

Wireless communications market demand continued to accelerate, accompanied by staging to application data, such as text messaging, Web browsing and GPS applications. These applications require a higher data transfer rate to achieve a better user experience, which requires new transmission in the limited spectrum. Some very efficient modulation and digital encoding algorithm was used, and this corresponds to the signal bandwidth is increasing--from 300kHz in 90 's of the last century to today's 40MHz.

Trends in communication technology

Perhaps the most notable trend is before wireless communication technology from a single input single output (SISO) architecture to the complexity of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) architecture changes. Today's use of the radio transmitter and the SISO receiver structure information in a time period using number signs in a single transmission channel. In today's Wi-Fi system, for example, at a point in time using only one antenna is transmitting or receiving radio frequency signals. This way, antennas often need to switch to the best signal path, but each antenna can receive only one band in a time period of one data flow. Transfer from SISO to MIMO on multiple carriers allows simultaneous transfer of hundreds of symbols. MIMO uses multi-carrier RF signal to transmit more information, and transmit all signals on the same frequency, in the case of occupy the same bandwidth greatly improve spectrum efficiency. This change is determined by the consumer cellular service growing demand and digital signal processor (DSP) driven by falling prices, with the result that brings high bandwidth wireless communications systems. MIMO technology is possible in a wide range of commercial wireless communications equipment to be used on, such as mobile phones, PDA and laptop. Direct result of consumer devices for those with a higher data transfer rates.

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