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A Summary Of The Repeater
Jan 30, 2018

A summary of the repeater

A repeater (RP repeater) is a connection device that works on the physical layer. It is suitable for the interconnection of the two types of networks that are exactly the same. The main function is to extend the network transmission distance by resending or forwarding the data signals. A repeater is a network device that regenerates and restores signals: the physical layer of the OSI model.

The repeater is the most simple and inexpensive networking equipment under the LAN environment to extend the network distance, the operation of OSI in physical layer, the repeater has a regenerative amplifier function for the signal on the line, to extend the LAN segment length (only for connecting the same LAN segment).

RP repeater is a device connected to a network line, which is often used for two-way forwarding of physical signals between two network nodes. Repeaters mainly perform the function of physical layer, which is responsible for transmitting information on bits at two nodes' physical level, completing the function of signal duplication, adjustment and amplification, in order to prolong the length of network. Because of the loss, the signal power transmitted on the online road will gradually decay. When it reaches a certain level, it will cause signal distortion, which will lead to the reception error. A repeater is designed to solve this problem. It completes the connection of the physical line, amplifies the attenuation signal, and keeps the same as the original data. In general, the two ends of the repeater are connected to the same media, but some repeater can also complete the transfer of different media. In theory, the use of repeater is infinite, and the network can be extended indefinitely. As a matter of fact, this is not possible, because the delay range of signals is specified in the network standard. Repeater can only work effectively in this area, otherwise it will cause network failure.

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