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Analysis Of Lubrication Failure Of Power Splitter
Jul 01, 2017

Analysis of Lubrication Failure of Power Splitter
Lubrication is an indispensable flavoring agent for each machine. If the equipment is poorly lubricated, it will greatly reduce the efficiency of the machine and even damage the machine. Today, the power distributor manufacturers will explain the power distributor lubrication failure analysis
Power splitter common for a few points
Power distributor lubricating oil cooler inlet temperature is too high failure and solution:
1, the bearing temperature is too high; check the bearing.
2, the working oil temperature is too high; check the equipment working environment and the transmission parts of any friction caused by oil temperature is too high.
3, the flow is too low; exclusion, increase traffic.
4, easy to melt plug melting, coupling efficiency is low; exclusion method, replace the fusible plug can be.
Can be used inexpensive cage type motor, limited torque type power distributor and cage motor to match, but the motor no load start, and its peak torque to start the load to solve the problem of full load difficult, and reasonable design to reduce Motor seat, energy saving due to the limited torque type power divider in the presence of torque overload protection and working fluid overheat protection to prevent equipment accidents and burn the motor in multi-motor drive or multi-pole drive, through the limit type power divider The amount of liquid charge adjustment of the fire speed regulator type power distributor to adjust the light opening to make a motor power balance, and can be delayed start to reduce the starting peak current and reduce the transformer capacity. Can make the motor no load start to shorten the starting current time, thereby reducing the start of energy consumption and weaken the impact on the power grid to extend the start time and smooth start can be isolated torsional shock, slow down the impact, thus extending the mechanical life of reliable, low maintenance costs, Simple, the higher the reliability of the operation.
Power Splitter failure. Mainly due to the adverse effects of various unfavorable factors and external influences, which are characterized by sudden, accidental, and generally unrelated to the use of Power Splitters and are therefore difficult to predict.
  With the progressive fault associated with the failure in the development, the operating indicators decline, but has not yet lost its function, while at the same time close to the fault germination stage, when the fault can be diagnosed, that is a potential failure phenomenon, jobs. For example, the power distributor of the vibration value is gradually increased, the sealing system has signs of oil leakage, etc., it is a potential failure. Functional failure. A part of the power splitter failure, loss of function can not work as a functional failure.
  Before installing the Power Splitter, check the shaft diameter, keyway, shaft extension, and power distributor length of the motor shaft, power splitter input shaft and output shaft hole, machine shaft (or reducer shaft) to be assembled. Remove the burrs everywhere and repair the bumped surface. Power distributor shaft hole and the motor shaft, reducer shaft with the recommended selection of the gap with a smaller gap, the choice of transition can also be used, but must not choose interference with.
  Mainly due to the deterioration of the product parameters (wear, corrosion, fatigue, aging) gradually developed, which is characterized by the probability of occurrence and the use of the time, most of the hydraulic power distributor in the product life cycle of the late performance come out. For example, bearing wear, oil seal wear, seal aging. Progressive failure occurs to mark the end of the product life, which is a sign of product overhaul. Since this failure is gradual, it can be predicted.

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