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Bad Wireless Signal? You Need A Wireless Repeater To Solve
Jul 27, 2018

Wireless Internet is no longer a novelty, and almost every family has deployed its own wireless network. However, in the face of complex households, or large-sized houses, villas and other environments, the coverage of wireless networks is very troublesome. Whether it is due to the deployment of WiFi in neighboring neighbors, the wireless channel is crowded; or the same-frequency interference caused by cordless phones, microwave ovens, wireless headsets, etc.; it is difficult for users to obtain good wireless network signals.

Faced with this situation, the use of wireless repeaters can solve the user's wireless signal coverage problem. A wireless repeater is an intermediate device that connects a wireless router to a user equipment. After receiving the signal from the wireless router, it forwards it to the user's device, so that the user's device receives a stable and strong wireless signal. The user needs to deploy a wireless repeater on the edge of the edge where the wireless router signal is covered, and then simply set it up so that the wireless repeater can extend the wireless network to the room that needs to be covered.

The wireless repeater is configured similarly to the wireless router. We deploy the wireless repeater within the signal range of the wireless router, and then connect to the wireless network transmitted by the wireless repeater to enter the management background. Then, select the wireless network name (SSID) that needs to be extended, and enter the correct password to complete the use after a short wait. At present, the wireless repeater operation on the market is more and more simple, and the automatic pairing function with the wireless router can be realized, and the user does not need to manually operate the configuration.

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