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Classification Of Antenna Systems
Sep 15, 2018

The antenna system can be divided into two categories: transmitting antenna and receiving antenna according to their working characteristics. It can be divided into communication antenna, broadcast antenna, radar antenna and so on. It can also be divided into long wavelength antennas, medium wave antennas, shortwave antennas, and so on. The above classification methods have shortcomings of one genus and two genera. According to the principle and structure of antenna, it can be divided into wire antenna and surface antenna. The wire antenna is composed of wires whose diameter is much smaller than the wavelength. The length of the wire is much larger than the cross section and can be compared with the wavelength. This structure is difficult to achieve in the microwave section, and the gain is much lower than that of the surface antenna. Generally used for long, medium, short wave and ultrashort wave. The reflector of the antenna is composed of the whole metal plate or the grid of the surface antenna. Its area is much larger than the square of the wavelength, and the gain is much higher than that of the wire antenna. This structure is difficult to achieve in long, medium and short bands. The support of the wire antenna is generally rod or tower, and the support of the surface antenna is tower or table type.

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