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Definition Of A Repeater
Mar 01, 2017

Repeater is a Repeater (REPEATER), is a physical layer network connected devices. Exactly the same applies to the two types of network interconnection, the main function is based on the data signal to send or forward to extend transmission distance. Repeater is to regenerate and restore the signal physical layer of the OSI model of networking equipment devices

Repeater is used to extend the network LAN environment from the most simple and inexpensive devices, operate at the physical layer of the OSI, and Repeater in the signal amplification regeneration function on the line. Used to extend LAN segment length. only used to connect to the same LAN segment.

Repeater (RP Repeater) is a connected network device, commonly used in two-way forwarding of physical signals between two network nodes. Repeater is the easiest network interconnect devices, mainly complete physical layer functions, is responsible for the physical layer of a two-node by passing on information, copy the complete signal, adjust and zoom in, in order to extend the length of the network. Because of the loss, in the transfer of power on the line gradually decay, decay to a certain extent will cause signal distortion, and therefore will receive an error. Repeater is designed to solve this problem. It to complete physical connections, the attenuation of the signal is amplified, remain the same as the original data. Repeaters are commonly used cell phone signal Repeater, cell phone signal amplifier, and ICT to bee mobile phone signal amplifier, for example, refers to wireless communication transmission of a radio relay equipment for signal enhancement, which functions as an RF signal power booster. In the downlink from the donor antenna picks up signals in the existing coverage areas. By the band-pass filter band-pass signals from the excellent isolation, will filter the signal amplifier amplifier again launched into the area to be covered. Uplink link path, within the coverage area of mobile phone signals in the same way by the upstream amplifier launched after the link to the corresponding base station in order to base stations and mobile phone signals.

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