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Definition Of Antenna Systems
Mar 01, 2017

Guided wave mode RF currents or electromagnetic waves transformed into a space of diffusion wave model of electromagnetic wave transmission mode conversion, and inverse transform of the transfer mode converter. As a diffusion wave guided wave mode with the transmitting antennas, diffusion wave receiving antennas for guided wave mode I in addition to antenna power carrying capacity and voltage withstand capabilities far greater than receiving antenna, but both clubs use and basic characteristics of the antenna parameters do not change, called it reciprocal theorem.

Another important effect of the antenna is a concentration of electromagnetic energy, namely in the transmitting antenna to launch focused energy, while reducing the energy in the other direction; for the reception antenna, you can capture more energy from the receive direction to wave and wave with phase offset on the other ways to reduce energy. This is the directivity of the antenna. Compared with the omnidirectional antenna, energy increasing multiples is called antenna gain. Meaning extension of antenna directivity is communication, negative gain (attenuation) and other relevant performance indicators that can be used to describe the antenna, the antenna side-lobe (interference) radiation is suppressed or non-communication direction of the receiving antenna to wave interference suppression systems.

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