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Directional Coupler Should Be Checked And Repaired On A Regular Basis
Oct 23, 2017

Directional Coupler should be checked and repaired on a regular basis
Directional Coupler to regularly check the tank oil level and timely replenishment of the oil, the new machine for the first time after 500 hours should be removed after the oil filter filter cleaning, combined with work machine downtime for maintenance, regular cleaning pump and oil filter, to regular Check the oil quality, the timely replacement of qualified working oil; if the Directional Coupler box of oil drained, you can unscrew the box input, the output of the lower part of the drain hole plug, can also be loaded at the drain hole The
Directional Coupler if there are quality problems, can be divided into two categories, one Directional Coupler leakage leaking phenomenon, the second is the Directional Coupler bearing damage.
Leading to bearing damage for several reasons, one bearing quality failed. Second, the Directional Coupler itself is not good balance, causing vibration, the third is the strength of the site installation is not good. Fourth, the field installation coaxial degree is not good. In order to solve the above problems, the Directional Coupler achieves or even exceeds the quality of the original imported product. Can do the following treatment: First, the sealing problem, the use of imported seals. Second, the bearing problem, the use of imported bearings. Third, the Directional Coupler whole dynamic balance processing.
Directional Couplers are usually made of aluminum alloy, regardless of the demolition and installation can not use the hammer to directly hit. Installation should be in the power machine and work machine on the axis coated with grease. Use special installation and removal tools. You can also order to purchase these special tools when ordering.
Straight-line Directional Coupler should pay attention to test and correct the coaxiality of the motor shaft and the working shaft, the coaxiality tolerance is less than 0.3mm, the higher the Directional Coupler specification, the higher the speed of the power machine, The error value should be smaller.
The pulley-type Directional Coupler is usually cantilevered on the power shaft, fixed with a tightening bolt, and the bolts should be reversed to the power steering.
Now most of the thermal power plants, the boiler pressure is getting higher and higher, the pressure on the water supply pump is also getting higher and higher. The power of the Directional Coupler drives the high-speed feed pump.
For the economic operation of the boiler, the best solution is to change the speed of conditioning to change the habit of working conditions. In the meantime, a solution is to use a small steam turbine with direct speed to drive the feed pump. However, it is necessary to have a spare steam source to meet the needs when the unit unit is started.
There is also a way to use Directional Coupler to change the pump speed to the habit of unit unit starting conditions. So that on the one hand can greatly reduce the electric pump to the motor equipment margin, so that the feed pump can be started at a smaller speed ratio, on the other hand will not show fixed-speed electric pump in the unit unit start to save buck to habit The situation required to improve the economy of the unit, and to avoid the high-pressure valve caused by saving in a short time that is due to erosion, wear and void the phenomenon
Therefore, the use of Directional Coupler is an ideal method.
Directional Coupler repair by filling the way, vertical Directional Coupler can be divided into ordinary type, limited moment vertical Directional Coupler and speed control type vertical Directional Coupler; according to the transmission type, vertical Directional Coupler can Divided into direct drive and parallel drive two; according to the Directional Coupler and the installation of the power plant points, vertical Directional Coupler can be divided into two kinds of sitting and hanging. Vertical couplers that can be vertically mounted vertically with vertical mechanical couplings are called vertical Directional Couplers. Its classification and characteristics are as follows:
The variable speed Directional Coupler is limited by the structure, and only the vertical type is not mounted, that is, the motor is above the Directional Coupler, and the working machine is below the Directional Coupler.
Vertical Directional Coupler structural features From the surface point of view, it seems that the vertical hydraulic coupling is the horizontal Directional Coupler stand up to use, Directional Coupler to the next end of the seal to be strengthened. Horizontal Directional Coupler at work, most of the working fluid in the circular circle diameter work, so the spindle center of the possibility of leakage is small. The vertical Directional Coupler installed vertically, by the role of gravity, the working fluid down the possibility of leakage. In order to prevent leakage, must use a reliable sealing structure, and some to the next end of the cover.

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