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Directional Coupler Trial And Maintenance
Jun 15, 2017

Directional Coupler trial and maintenance

01 can not be frequent frequent reversal. In theory, the coupling can be positive and negative, but the sharp positive and negative, but the sharp positive and negative, because the inertia force is too large damage to the coupling parts, so because of strict compliance with operating procedures, to avoid sharp Frequent positive and negative, especially in the tower crane and bridge crane and other host on the use of coupling to pay special attention to this point.

02 The coupling of the coupling output shaft is the same as that of the motor shaft, and the motor should be checked for the first test.

03 When the motor reaches the rated speed, the slave must start transporting. If the motor is not moving, it must be shut down immediately to check whether the load is too large to produce a braking phenomenon.

04 continuous operation, the coupling operating temperature shall not exceed 90 ℃, water medium working temperature shall not exceed 100 ℃.

05 regular (every 3000 hours) should check the quality of working oil, such as oil quality deterioration, should be replaced immediately.

06 Periodically check the position accuracy of the motor shaft and the working machine shaft and correct it at any time.

07 Directional Coupler regularly check the motor, the basis of work machine installation, in order to avoid the basis of poor stiffness generated by vibration and coupling caused by early damage.

08 Periodically check the elastic block or elastic disk wear of the elastic coupling and replace it regularly.

09 does not allow the dismantling of the coupling case, so as not to damage the seal and assembly accuracy and balance accuracy, resulting in accidents.

10 The coupling medium is not allowed to change the oil medium to water medium.

11 Directional Coupler is not allowed to random liquid, but not allowed to fill, should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the manual rinse.

12 Directional Coupler in the coupling with a bearing cavity, the factory has been filled in the bearing cavity grease (commonly known as glycerol). When the coupling is running, due to the heat of the bearing so that the grease becomes thinning, which is not the coupling medium leakage, should pay attention to the difference.

13 To assist in the dissipation of the self-cooled hydraulic coupling, the fluid coupling should be in a well-ventilated place to assist in cooling.

14 To prevent accidents, the coupler should be fitted with a reliable protective cover.

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