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Do Directional Coupler Need To Be Checked For Use?
Sep 12, 2017

Do Directional Coupler need to be checked for use?
Why should I check the operation of Directional Coupler at any time?
The Directional Coupler may present various anomalies at any time in operation. If you can identify and resolve these anomalies early, you can reduce the loss of the accident, reduce the downtime, and reduce the maintenance cost. Directional Coupler, for example, if the vibration and noise in the running, if staff is not found in time, can make the bearing damaged, completely and bearing damage after rupture of bearing cage into coupling cavity will break the impeller, so that the whole Directional Coupler scrap. If you can stick to the inspection system, you will lose a lot of losses as soon as the fault is discovered.
The early failure of Directional Coupler is related to the uncleanness of the case of the coupling and the work oil
Bearings lubricated by Directional Coupler are used in the same oil as the working liquid, so the oil is not cleaned and will quickly wear out. In addition coupling for pumps, valves, pipes, coolers, etc for the purity of the working oil also request is higher, if the work does not clean will damage the pump, valve, pipeline and oil filter, cooler, circulate work oil cannot flow, coupling can't work normally. According to statistics, the early failure of 60 and 70 percent is related to the uncleanness of the Directional Coupler box and the working oil. Therefore, it is very important to have the cleanliness of the tank body and the working oil.
The Directional Coupler should be used regularly for oil change and oil change
The purpose of regular oil change is to replace the deteriorated and contaminated work oil in time to reduce the failure caused by the unqualified work oil. Pay attention to the following issues when changing oil:
(1) the Directional Coupler changes oil after 500h for the first time. The purpose is to remove the metal scraps generated after the grinding and to remove the debris from the oil, and then change the oil for every 2000h.
(2) when changing oil, wash the coupling shell, tank and filter.
(3) must be replaced with qualified hydraulic transmission oil, which cannot contain other impurities.
(4) the oil to be canged should be filtered to prevent the mixing of sundries.
(5) to ensure proper flushing rate, the flushing rate of Directional Coupler must be accurate. In the work, the frequent occurrence of oil change coupler can not function, which is mainly caused by the failure to ensure qualified flushing rate due to oil change.
How much is the temperature of the hydraulic transmission oil?
Directional Coupler of oil temperature at 70 ℃ or so as well. It is too high to age the oil, the lubrication of the bearing is bad, and even causes the structural deformation of the Directional Coupler. So coupling working oil generally is 90 ℃, the highest temperature should not exceed 110 ℃. But the temperature of the Directional Coupler working oil can not be too low, too low oil temperature can make the viscosity of the oil become large, the oil flow and the flow of the coupler are reduced, and the transmission power is reduced. Therefore, suitable cooling and suitable cooling water flow should be selected to ensure that the oil of the coupling can be fully cooled and worked at the right temperature.
5. Why should Directional Coupler be equipped with a protective cover to ensure ventilation and heat dissipation
In the operation of Directional Coupler, bolt loosening, elastic disk failure and other accidents can cause injuries. In addition, the staff should not be aware that it can also be damaged on the rotating parts, so it should be installed with a protective cover. Because Directional Coupler relies on air and cooling heat, the protective cover must be designed to ensure heat dissipation and ventilation.
6. Why not allow a random Directional Coupler?
(1) most of the Directional Coupler are made of aluminum alloy. When disassembled, it is easy to damage the parts, so professional tools must be used to remove them.
(2) Directional Coupler have been balanced at the time of delivery, and should be marked when disassembled, so that the balance is still maintained when reloading, so it cannot be disassembled casually.
(3) random disassembly may destroy the seal of the coupling, and in reloading it may cause the coupling to fail, so it should be dismantled by the professional.

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