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Do You Know The Power Divider?
Jan 26, 2018

Do you know the power divider?

Let's get to know the power divider today. Distribution, nature has the share of the meaning in the inside, such a long name, I

They are referred to as power dividers. It is a device that divides one input signal into two or equal output or equal energy. It can also multichannel signal energy to synthesize one output in turn, which is also called combiner. A certain degree of isolation should be ensured between the output ports of a power divider. Also called flow distributor, divided into two kinds of active, passive, but the average distribution of road signal into several outputs, each have a general path attenuation of several dB, different signal frequencies, distributor of different attenuation is also different, in order to compensate the attenuation, in which the increase of the amplifier was made after no source of power divider. The technical term interpretation is generally a bit difficult, so let's look at its function to make it easier to understand. First of all, it is a satellite signal equal input into output, usually has two power points, four points and six power points etc.. And then the frequency range. This is the work precondition of various RF / microwave circuits. The design structure of the power divider is closely related to the working frequency. Finally, its operating frequency is 950MHz2150MHz. You must be familiar with the power divider. The use and performance of the above devices are quite different, but in daily use, it is often easy to confuse names, making people easily confused in their use. Multiple satellite receiver of satellite TV receiving system, a common antenna, several antenna satellite common receiver, and more than two sets of satellite receiver and antenna sharing both sides above, the connection between them in addition to relying on cable, rely mainly on the group process to achieve the switch. The power divider is used by multiple satellite receivers. If a set of antennas is to be connected to multiple satellite receivers, the power divider will be used. According to the number of the receiver, the power divider is selected. If the two receiver is connected to the receiver, the two power divider is used. The four receiver will use the four power divider. When it comes to satellite reception, it's related to our TV station. It seems to be a very wide range of devices used.

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