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Encounter The Price Of Power Splitter Battle How To Do
Nov 03, 2017

Encounter the price of Power Splitter battle how to do
Encounter the Power Splitter "price war" how to do By the economic impact Nowadays the industry is not too ideal, SMEs are facing intense competitive pressures, many power distributor manufacturers for the competitive market, when selling products hit the price War, the price of the Power Splitter is very low, the Power Splitter manufacturers remind the Power Splitter to use the customers, and buy the Power Splitter plant not because of the cheap and neglected other products themselves. Since everyone's products are the same, that's the cost advantage and the service advantage. Whose advantage is better and someone's business will be better. This is the normal market objective, nothing too much of a trick. You say the king to sell melon, since boast boast, as well as product prices and pictures look the same, and so on, these are unbearable test of honesty, time will soon give an answer. Care must be taken when buying, power distributor manufacturers in good faith first quality and look forward to your cooperation.
Power Splitter transformation in the course of the need for regular maintenance, to ensure that its working performance is good. Xiaobian today to introduce some of the problems that arise in the routine maintenance of the Power Splitter, as follows:
(1) Fusible plug melts, shut down to replace special fusible plug; (2) Fusible plug will produce fuel injection polluting environment after melting; (3) Need to pay attention to whether there is oil leakage during operation; (4) Maintenance, installation, demolition difficulties, a long time; (5) the use of high maintenance costs, the need to prepare fusible plug, explosive media and transmission fluid and other spare parts
In addition, Xiaobian remind you that the Power Splitter operation should pay attention to two points to help its routine maintenance.
(1) Regularly check the surface of the Power Splitter whether dust and small particles accumulate, if more, it is necessary to shut down and clean it; 2) Regularly check whether the air divider of the Power Splitter is equal; if the air gap error exceeds 0.75mm, it needs to be corrected.
The working fluid of the Power Splitter is the medium that the Power Splitter transmits the torque. The Power Splitter's fluid filling amount has a relatively large influence on the torque distribution and the overload protection of the Power Splitter.
With the same type and size of the power distributor, the amount of liquid filling directly affects the size of the power distributor torque transmission. Its basic rule is within the specified liquid-filled range, the more liquid-filled power distributor torque transmission is greater. When the transmission torque is constant, the more liquid is filled, the higher the work efficiency of the Power Splitter is. However, the starting torque at this moment also increases, and the overload coefficient also increases accordingly. You can use different liquid volume, the same specifications of the Power Splitter and several different power matching motor to suit different requirements of the working machine.
Power dispenser with the specifications of the amount of fuel dispenser has its transmission torque range, known as the power zone, the power zone with the coupling fluid filling range. Under normal circumstances, the Power Splitter should be filled with the power distributor total volume of 60% to 80%, can not exceed this range, it can not be filled. When the Power Splitter liquid volume exceeds the capacity of 80%, the Power Splitter in the rotation, due to overloading and rapid heating and pressure rise, resulting in the expansion of the working fluid volume, Power Splitter pressure increases, it will Oh Break the seal, causing liquid leakage and even causing the housing of the Power Splitter to crack, resulting in mechanical damage.

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