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History Of The Antenna System
Mar 01, 2017

Antenna development processes are closely linked to the development of radio technology. Various types of antennas are designed to meet the requirements put forward practical design.

First antenna is a German H.R. Hertz in 1887 for the validate UK J.C. Maxwell's electromagnetic theory and design of the existing > relatively close to the transmitting antenna is two goals, using spark discharge between two electromagnetic waves. Loop antennas for receiving antennas. Italy in 1901, g. Marconi's first offshore communications using antenna. First Deputy practical t-antennas with 50 sagging wire, connected with the horizontal lines at the top, hung on the two support towers.

70 generation, with radio technology to mm wave, and Asia mm wave and optical direction development, micro-with antenna, and surface wave antenna, and total shaped array and reflection surface antenna of frequency complex with, and orthogonal polarization, and near field measurement, and more beam and partial Coke partial reset and array column antenna of signal processing, and synthesis aperture and since adapted antenna, also are by attention and get corresponding development.

80, antenna development trends among pioneering band continued on the antenna type and tries to improve the performance and in addition to a lot of research work towards the transient electromagnetic wave transmitting and receiving, target the scattering and inverse scattering, electromagnetic field boundary-value problem is solved, a special medium research on radiation and scattering of antenna.

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