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How Does The Hybrid Coupler Work?
Aug 21, 2017

How does the Hybrid Coupler work?

The pump and turbine of the Hybrid Coupler form a closed working chamber which allows the liquid to circulate and the pump wheel is mounted on the input shaft and the turbine is mounted on the output shaft. When the power machine drives the input shaft to rotate, the liquid is thrown out by the centrifugal pump wheel. This high-speed liquid enters the turbine and then drives the turbine to rotate, passing the energy from the pump wheel to the output shaft. The final liquid returns to the pump wheel, forming a cycle of flow.

The Hybrid Coupler interacts with the pump wheel and the blade of the turbine to produce a change in momentum moments to transfer the torque. While the turbine will be the oil kinetic energy and potential energy and turn into the output shaft of the mechanical energy, in order to achieve the flexible transmission of energy. The rotating housing is connected to the pump wheel, and a radially displaceable spoon tube is placed in the rotating housing. During operation, the oil in the cavity rotates with the same rotation speed of the pump wheel as the rotating housing, and the oil ring rotates at a peripheral speed Fixed does not turn (can only move) of the emerald filter diversion tube, the head end of the mouth, kinetic energy becomes bit of energy, oil ring oil from the diversion tube outflow.

When the Hybrid Coupler is overloaded, the oil temperature and pressure increase sharply, the rubber seal is rapidly aging, the sealing performance deteriorates, and the oil leakage causes the transmission torque to decrease, resulting in difficulty in starting. The bevel gear shaft of the conveyor reducer is fitted with the Hybrid Coupler. The structure is unreasonable, the weight is large, and the bending deformation of the shaft is caused by the easy collision during installation and handling. The Hybrid Coupler is only for static balance Test, in the high-speed operation, due to unbalanced additional load and shaft vibration, so that the working state of the shaft deteriorated. In the Hybrid Coupler start, so that the shaft of the force and stress conditions deteriorated, resulting in spline deformation. After the use of Hybrid Coupler burner, there will still be burned motor accident, mainly the lack of understanding of the performance of equipment and the use of incorrectly caused; mixed coupler input characteristics to determine the motor operating conditions, in the i = 0 workers When running, the oil in the Hybrid Coupler must be vented to prevent the motor from being overloaded for a long time.

The transmission efficiency of the Hybrid Coupler is equal to the ratio of the output shaft speed multiplied by the output torque (output power) multiplied by the input shaft speed by the input torque (input power). The output torque is equal to the input torque minus the friction torque, so its output torque is always less than the input torque. The Hybrid Coupler input shaft and the output shaft are connected with the liquid, and there is no rigid connection between the working members. General Hybrid Coupler in the normal working conditions of the speed ratio of 0.95 or more can get a higher efficiency. Hybrid Coupler Pike filter characteristics due to the working chamber and pump wheel, turbine shape and different. If the mixing coupler oil is vented, the coupler is in the disengaged state and acts as a clutch. After the pump wheel and the turbine are assembled, an annular cavity is formed which is filled with working oil. Pump wheel is usually in the internal combustion engine or motor drive under the rotation, driving the working fluid to do more complex centripetal force movement.

If the quality of the Hybrid Coupler, can be divided into two categories, one is the phenomenon of leakage of the Hybrid Coupler leakage, the second is the Hybrid Coupler bearing damage.

Leading to bearing damage for several reasons, one bearing quality failed. Second, the Hybrid Coupler itself is not good balance, causing vibration, the third is the strength of the site installation is not good. Fourth, the field installation coaxial degree is not good.

Foreign Hybrid Coupler supply cycle of 6-12 months or so, from the order, office, production, customs, delivery, are very inconvenient, and domestic Hybrid Coupler supply cycle is only about 1 month, can be achieved Door-to-door, foreign Hybrid Coupler ordering accessories and wearing parts, for a long time, and domestic Hybrid Coupler can be achieved shelf. Foreign Hybrid Coupler and accessories, the selling price is about 10 times the price of domestic Hybrid Coupler, domestic Hybrid Coupler can meet the requirements of the use of the site, the localization of the country and enterprises can save a lot of money to improve the enterprise Economic benefits.

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