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How The Hybrid Coupler Is Working
Jul 19, 2017

How the Hybrid Coupler is working
The pump and turbine of the Hybrid Coupler form a closed working chamber which allows the liquid to circulate and the pump wheel is mounted on the input shaft and the turbine is mounted on the output shaft. Power (internal combustion engine, motor, etc.) to drive the input shaft rotation, the liquid was centrifugal pump wheel thrown out.
This high-speed liquid enters the turbine and then drives the turbine to rotate, passing the energy from the pump wheel to the output shaft. The final liquid returns to the pump wheel, forming a cycle of flow. The Hybrid Coupler interacts with the pump wheel and the blade of the turbine to produce a change in momentum moments to transmit the torque. Its output torque is equal to the input torque minus the friction torque, so its output torque is always less than the input torque.
Suspension Conveyor Applications Hybrid Coupler drives have the following advantages:
(1) to solve the problem of light load start long distance hanging conveyor start more difficult, and suddenly start easy to damage the chain. Application of Hybrid Coupler drive, you can slow start, protect the motor and the chain at startup without damage.
(2) coordination of multi-power machine balanced drive single-chain multi-drive station hanging conveyor, if the drive station motor speed is inconsistent, there will be a loose section of the chain of tight phenomenon, serious may also appear chain "up the mountain." After the installation of Hybrid Coupler, to solve the multi-machine drive, balanced load and synchronous operation problems, so that the chain is tight, run well, the failure rate is reduced. Double-chain hanging conveyor with the same type of crane, both sides of the conveyor chain should be synchronized, otherwise there will be skewed, severe cases may also damage the machine. After using the Hybrid Coupler drive, by adjusting the amount of liquid, so that the two conveyor chain basically synchronized to avoid failure.
The Hybrid Coupler is powered by the working oil in the chamber between the pump wheel and the turbine, so in some harsh environments, the use of the main working oil is particularly important.
Now we take our northern alpine region as an example, China's northern alpine region oil field pumping or ski tractors used on the Hybrid Coupler, mostly in the open air, requiring -40 ℅ in the harsh environment is still normal operation. The ordinary L-TSA32 turbine oil cut point only up to -7 ℅, 6 hydraulic transmission oil suspected -30 ℅, 8 hydraulic transmission oil for the freezing point of -35 ℅. Can not be used in the alpine region. Only 0 / SYRH2042-2001 standard 8D hydraulic transmission oil in the pour point of -50 ℅, can be used in alpine areas open.
There is no direct mechanical connection in the Hybrid Coupler, which relies solely on the kinetic energy of the liquid. If the liquid is not filled, the pump wheel and the turbine in the coupling are not connected. Pump rotation and the turbine does not turn, the input and output can not be connected to the connection, it can not pass torque and power, so the coupling must be required to fill the correct liquid.
Why is the ability of the Hybrid Coupler to transmit power to be substantially proportional to the liquid filling rate? Because the Hybrid Coupler is to rely on the kinetic energy of the liquid transmission power, so in the provisions of the liquid filling range, the more liquid flow the greater the power transmission, filling less power less transmission. The ability of the Hybrid Coupler to transmit power is substantially proportional to its charge rate.
Hybrid Coupler transmission oil pollution can lead to a variety of system failure, the following describes a number of important aspects:
One: damage the seal. Most of the Hybrid Coupler seals, if the working oil has contaminated particles, it will damage the oil seal lip, exacerbate the wear on the shaft seal, thus breaking the seal.
Two: damage bearings, gears. As the hydraulic transmission of oil that is to transfer power and lubrication of bearings, so the oil mixed with impurities will accelerate the bearing, especially the wear and tear of the bearing wear, exacerbate the damage to the gear.
Three: to accelerate the aging of oil: oil pollution, the viscosity of the oil rust, anti-emulsification, defoaming and other rational reduction.
The above describes the Hybrid Coupler transmission work oil pollution caused by the failure caused by the user should pay attention to the use of detailed instructions to read the Hybrid Coupler, the regular replacement of hydraulic transmission oil.

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