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How To Choose The Filter
Aug 03, 2018

Any device capable of signal processing can be called a filter. In modern telecommunications equipment and all kinds of control systems, filters are widely used; of all electronic components, the most used, the most complex technology to be considered as a filter. The quality of the filter directly determines the quality of the product. Therefore, the research and production of filters have always been valued by all countries.

1. how to choose the power line interference filter?

Some customers think that the higher the insertion loss of EMI filter, the better the progression of filter network. In fact, this is not the right way to select filters. In addition, the higher the number of filters, the higher the price, the larger the volume and weight. In fact, the only way to select and evaluate the power line filter is to install it on the device for testing. As mentioned above, the performance of the filter depends to a large extent on the device load impedance. It can not be derived from the insertion loss data from the impedance (50 omega). It is a complex function of the impedance of the filter element and the impedance of the equipment, and its value and phase change in the frequency range. Different performance levels of conduction radiation control (FCC, VDE) and sensitivity control required in filter selection tests are performed on the equipment.

2. does not all filter networks with the same circuit and component values have the same performance?

All filter networks with the same circuit and component values are different. The component values are specified and measured at a certain frequency (usually 1KHz), and the performance of the filter is needed throughout the frequency range, not only in the frequency of the measurement of the component. The structural form of the element and the method of accessing the filter are very important for the performance of the filter.

3. installation important for the performance of the filter?

Installation and wiring have great influence on the performance of the filter. The power line filter is preferably installed on the power line input of the device. The filter is an obstacle to the high frequency signal, and its function must not be invalidated by the input line of the discrete capacitive coupling power supply line with the power output line or any other conductor of the protected equipment.

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