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How To Install The Connection Filter
Jul 27, 2018

Filter installation process

 1. The filter metal case and the chassis must ensure good surface contact, and the ground wire should be connected, and the ground wire should be as short as possible.

 2. The filter cable is preferably a twisted pair cable, which can effectively eliminate some high frequency interference signals.

 3. The input line and output line of the filter must be pulled apart. Avoid paralleling to avoid the filter performance.

 4. The input and output of the power filter are usually interchangeable.

 5. The installation position of the filter should be selected at the power inlet to minimize the length of the input line in the chassis and reduce radiation interference.

Filter connection operation

 1. For the solder-type terminal filter, it can be connected by inserting the plug-in connection or soldering method. When welding, the welding time should not exceed 5 seconds.

 2. For the bolt type terminal filter, the user must fix the root nut with the wrench 1 when wiring, and tighten the bolt end nut with the wrench 2 to avoid the internal circuit changes caused by the rotation of the bolt, causing the filter to catch fire. Short circuit, breakdown and filtering effect.

 Finally, please pay attention to the handling of the filter or the mounting side. Do not use the filter output terminal as the support point to avoid distortion, looseness or breakage of the terminal and affect the normal filtering effect of the filter.

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