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How To Maintain The Directional Coupler After Draining The Working Oil
Jul 01, 2017

How to maintain the Directional Coupler after draining the working oil
What do you do when you empty the working oil while maintaining the Directional Coupler? Next Xiaobian give you a simple introduction to the Directional Coupler emptying the work of oil after the maintenance, interested friends to look at it, I hope you will help!
1, open the oil filter and check and clean.
2, remove the coupling and check.
3, check the input shaft, the output shaft radial runout.
4, remove the sliding regulator and transmission lever from the box.
5, remove the auxiliary lubricating oil pump and its motor.
6, remove the auxiliary working oil pump and its motor.
For the Directional Coupler emptying the work of the maintenance of the oil on the introduction to this, if you like our products, then quickly come to buy it, if you want to know more information, please feel free to pay attention to our website, We sincerely look forward to your visit!
Directional Coupler is a kind of hydraulic transmission device, and the application of Directional Coupler is also more and more widely, Directional Coupler is mainly used in what place? The following details for everyone to introduce its scope of application:
1, fan type, converter exhaust fan, electric furnace dust removal fan, blast furnace dust blower, blast furnace blower, induced draft fan, blower;
2, scraper conveyor, belt conveyor;
3, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, cranes;
4, pump, boiler feed pump, circulating pump, condensate pump, crude oil pump, pump, mud pump, ash pump, sand pump;
5, laborers machinery, ceramic machinery, construction machinery;
6, centrifuge, mixer, tape conveyor.
What is the fuel consumption of the Directional Coupler? The next detailed for everyone to introduce:
Directional Coupler housing welds Leakage: inspection and repair;
Oil pipeline leakage: to be eliminated;
Bearing gland connection surface deviation: re-sealed;
Directional Coupler drain drain: check and tighten.
Directional Coupler only safe to use, in order to ensure the normal use of the machine, the following details on how the Directional Coupler to run safely:
1, Directional Coupler must use flame retardant liquid as the working medium.
2, pump wheel, turbine wheel and the shell should be prevented from deformation, damage, corrosion or cracks. The shell has a slight crack, can be welded to repair, but should eliminate the internal stress.
3, the repair should be static pressure test, filling the pressure of 0.3MPa, the hydraulic coupling inflatable mouth sealed, to maintain 5min, the pressure shall not decline.
4, a centrifugal rotary valve hydraulic coupling, centrifugal valve must be added to the action of the action, the action should be flexible and reliable.
5, the hydraulic coupling should be done after the static balance test, the center of gravity on the rotation of the axis of the deviation of not more than 0.02mm.
6, fusible alloy plug must be complete, the melting temperature should be consistent with the provisions of the type of hydraulic coupling.

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