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How To Reduce The Slip Ratio Of The Hybrid Coupler?
Sep 21, 2017

How to reduce the slip ratio of the Hybrid Coupler?
The first method is to transform the Hybrid Coupler to reduce the transmission ratio of the Hybrid Coupler's speed gear so that the speed of the pump wheel can be reduced so that the speed of the output of the Hybrid Coupler is proportional to the operating speed of the feed pump at full load Close to the purpose of reducing the slip ratio of the Hybrid Coupler.
    The second method is to pump the impeller of the Hybrid Coupler, reducing the pressure and pressure of the feed pump at the original operating speed. When the need to achieve the original pressure and flow conditions, it must improve the feed pump (heat pump) operating speed, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the slip ratio of the Hybrid Coupler.
    The first method is to invest more, the risk is higher, but can accurately calculate the operating parameters of the pump after the transformation. The second method of investment is small, the risk is low, but the exact calculation is more difficult. After a comprehensive comparison, we finally chose to invest less, the lower risk of the second program, that is, the pump impeller for turning.
Hybrid Coupler is only safe to use, in order to ensure the normal use of the machine, the following detailed description of how the Hybrid Coupler safe operation:
1, the Hybrid Coupler must use the flame retardant liquid as the working medium.
2, pump wheel, turbine wheel and shell should be prevented from deformation, damage, corrosion or cracks. The shell has a slight crack, can be welded to repair, but should eliminate the internal stress.
3, the repair should be static pressure test, filling the pressure of 0.3MPa, the Hybrid Coupler inflatable mouth sealed, to maintain 5min, the pressure shall not decline.
4, a centrifugal valve coupling coupler, centrifugal valve must be added to the action of the action, the action should be flexible and reliable.
5, Hybrid Coupler should be done after static balance test, the center of gravity on the rotation of the axis of the deviation of not more than 0.02mm.
6, fusible alloy plug must be complete, the melting temperature should be consistent with the provisions of various models of Hybrid Coupler.
The general machine operation may encounter the machine to add oil to the case of mixed coupler as a liquid oil as a working medium through the pump wheel to convert the kinetic energy of the liquid into mechanical energy to connect the motor and work machinery to achieve power transmission equipment refueling is affirmative, Does the Hybrid Coupler have a requirement for refueling?
The answer is yes about the refueling requirements of the Hybrid Coupler, with the following points:
1. When using a Hybrid Coupler, the user does not have a strong requirement that we can rotate the Hybrid Coupler housing, which is considered to be a Hybrid Coupler when the oil filler plug reaches the highest point of about 55 ° and the internal working fluid just flows out Higher rated power for better oil level
2. When filling the oil filling plug, the working medium is filtered through the filter of GF1W0.63 / 0.2 to fill the cavity of the Hybrid Coupler. After filling the appropriate working medium, check and tighten all the oil filler plugs and fusible plugs on the Hybrid Coupler housing.
3. Mixing coupler can not be less than the minimum filling oil for the working chamber of the total volume of 40%, too little oil may lead to lubrication is not in place, thereby reducing the life of the Hybrid Coupler.
Hybrid Coupler is faulty. Mainly due to the adverse effects of various unfavorable factors and external influences, which are characterized by sudden, accidental, and generally unrelated to the use of Hybrid Couplers and are therefore difficult to predict.
  With the progressive fault associated with the failure in the development, the operating indicators decline, but has not yet lost its function, while at the same time close to the fault germination stage, when this fault can be diagnosed, that is a potential failure phenomenon, jobs. For example, the vibration value of the Hybrid Coupler gradually increases, the sealing system has traces of oil leakage, etc., is a potential failure. Functional failure. A portion of the Hybrid Coupler is faulty and the loss of function can not be called a functional failure.

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