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Hybrid Coupler Can Reduce The Motor Installed Capacity And Energy Saving
Aug 10, 2017

Hybrid Coupler can reduce the motor installed capacity and energy saving
 1, start energy saving
Hybrid Coupler to solve the starting difficulties a motor similar to the no-load start a low starting current a short start time short a pair of power grid impact small a start process energy consumption reduction: the greater the inertia of the machine, the longer the start time, the number of starts Frequently, the use of Hybrid Coupler drives more energy.
   2, reduce the motor installed capacity of energy saving
Hydraulic drive to solve the problem of starting a large inertia of the machine a motor can start with a sharp torque start a motor to improve the ability to start a design without intention to increase the safety factor a no "big horse car" a rigid drive compared to at least Can reduce a motor frame size - the use of small motor work in the rated conditions of energy conservation
   3, the order to start energy saving
Mixing coupler can be made when the motor is driven by multiple motors. Equal load is started. A small current is reduced.
   4, overload protection energy conservation
The Hybrid Coupler protects the motor and the working machine from damage when the motor is protected from overload. Overload shock protection A machine is not damaged when overloaded. Reduced equipment failure rate One extended equipment life One energy saving, Compared with the rigid transmission, the Hybrid Coupler can save 8-15% energy saving.
 First, why should the Hybrid Coupler run at all times check the operation?
   Hybrid Couplers may run abnormally at any time during operation. If you can early detection and solve these anomalies, you can reduce the loss of the accident, reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs. For example, if the Hybrid Coupler in the operation if the vibration and noise, the staff if not found in time, it will completely damage the bearing, and bearing damage after the fracture of the bearing cage into the coupling chamber will break the impeller, thus So that the entire Hybrid Coupler scrapped. If you can adhere to the inspection system, the fault just one bud found, it will reduce many losses.
Second, the Hybrid Coupler early failure and coupling box and working oil is not clean
   Hybrid Coupler bearing lubrication and working fluid with the same oil, so the oil is not clean will accelerate bearing wear. In addition, the coupling of the oil pump, valves, pipes, coolers and other work on the cleanliness of the oil is also relatively high, if the working oil is not clean will damage the pump, valves, plug the pipeline and oil filter, cooler, Can not circulate, the coupling can not work properly. According to the statistics, the early failure of 60 percent is related to the cleanliness of the Hybrid Coupler box and the working oil. It is therefore important to mention the cleanliness of the high clutch and working oil.
The temperature of the working oil of the Hybrid Coupler is preferably about 70 ° C. Too easy to make oil aging, bearing lubrication deterioration, and even cause the structure of the Hybrid Coupler deformation. So the maximum temperature of the coupling work oil is generally 90 ℃, shall not exceed 110 ℃. But the temperature of the Hybrid Coupler working oil can not be too low, too low oil temperature will make the oil viscosity becomes larger, the oil flow and the coupling of the circulating flow is reduced, the transmission power is reduced. So should choose the appropriate cooler and the appropriate cooling water flow, to ensure that the coupling work oil can be fully cooled, at the right temperature to work.

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