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Hybrid Coupler In Low-temperature Environments
Jul 10, 2017

Hybrid Coupler in low-temperature environments

The hybrid coupler is used to transfer power by working oil in the chamber between the pump wheel and the turbine, so in some harsh areas, the use of oil is especially important.

Now we are in cold area in the north of China, for example, cold area in north China oil field pumping unit or ski resort the tractor use hybrid coupler, are mostly used in the open air and harsh environments for in - 40 ℅ still can run properly. And ordinary L - TSA32 turbine oil tangent point up to 7 ℅, Hybrid Coupler only 6 suspects to - 30 ℅ hydraulic transmission oil, hydraulic oil solidifying point for 8-35 ℅. Can't be used in cold area. Only 0 / SYRH2042-2001 standard in no. 8 d hydraulic transmission oil solidifying point up to - 50 ℅, can be used in cold area open.

The bridge crane, the door type crane and heavy tower crane all have big car operation mechanism. Run institutions belong to more machine drive, using hybrid coupler drive, not only can solve the problem of starting difficulty, overload protection, the main is to solve the order to start the machine drive, Hybrid Coupler balanced load and synchronous operation problem, its use effect is very good.

1: realize the smooth start of the non-impact, especially in the portal crane and tower crane, can reduce the horizontal vibration, and reduce the impact load of the mechanism.

2: no impact on the smooth implementation of the deceleration braking, special gantry crane can take the first motor and coupling inverse-rotation brake, Hybrid Coupler supplemented by the method of mechanical braking, can avoid gear reducer is affected by impact load.

3: easy to cart the run-time partial, for hybrid coupler can coordinate with multi-motor synchronous operation, so synchronous driving can make the running on either side of the organization, to avoid "on track", "bite edge" and deflection caused by the phenomenon such as block, crawling, vibration.

4: realizing low vibration and low noise operation, the crane in the workshop USES the hybrid coupler drive, and the vibration and noise are greatly reduced, which is conducive to environmental protection.

The coal preparation plant has many fans and pumps, and according to the requirements of the process, most of these fans and pumps need to be adjusted. According to the different regulation condition, the energy saving rate is about 15% ~ 25%. Since it is not intermittent operation, the energy saving rate is not very high, but compared with the regulation of throttling and release regulation, Hybrid Coupler the energy saving is significant.

Fan of furnace to produce hot flue gas after the sedimentation chamber to remove Mars, due to the lower part of the main fan to dry desiccant, wet material from the raw coal from the top drying machine, Hybrid Coupler, is expected to be evenly most from the bottom of the dryer after drying comprised output Hybrid Coupler, a small part of the department of materials with the air into the bag filter, filter material recycling products as isolated. The gas after purification is expelled by the exhaust pipe. After drying, the coal Hybrid Coupler is sent to the dryer for sorting, and the finished coal and gangue are exported by Hybrid Coupler. In the above joint process system, there are seven USES of hybrid coupler drive and speed control. The purpose is to adjust the energy saving, to adapt to the process requirement and the condition of Hybrid Coupler around choose limited moment more hybrid coupler, the purpose is to solve the problem of light load starting and overload protection, prolong the service life of Hybrid Coupler. Some coal preparation plants will separate dry boxes, but the selection of hybrid coupler is similar.

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