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Hybrid Coupler Is Used And Maintained
Jun 15, 2017

Hybrid Coupler is used and maintained

1, before the start check

(1) check the oil standard to confirm the oil level is appropriate;

(2) check the hybrid coupler, cooler pipe is connected correctly;

(3) check the instrument electrical wiring is connected correctly;

(4) check the coupling and the protective cover is installed correctly;

(5) check the hybrid coupler tank oil is appropriate, when the oil temperature below 5 ℃, the application of electric heater will work oil heating;

(6) Check that the hybrid coupler conduit is adjusted to the minimum speed unit.

2, run

(1) The hybrid coupler is equipped with an electric actuator via manual. Manual or automatic control of the electric actuator, to adjust the location of the catheter, change the Hybrid Coupler cavity filling liquid, thus changing the hybrid coupler output speed and output torque.

(2) The full diameter of the catheter (0%) of the hybrid coupler is the lowest, the duct is fully withdrawn (100%), the highest speed (up to rated speed and rated power). When the catheter opening is adjusted from 0% to 100%, the speed should not be too fast, usually within 25 seconds.

(3) hybrid coupler speed range, with the work of different machines and different. And centrifugal mechanical matching, speed range 1-1 / 5, and constant torque mechanical matching, speed range 1-1 / 3.

(4) hybrid coupler and centrifugal mechanical match, the maximum heat conditions in the speed ratio i = 0.66 point, the maximum heating power loss is about 15% of the rated power of the motor. So in use should try to avoid long-term work near the maximum heat.

(5) constant torque mechanical equipped with speed adjustable hybrid coupler, speed ratio i is equal to efficiency, that is, the greater the greater the loss of power, the greater the heat. Therefore, the constant torque machine equipped with hybrid coupler speed should not be too large, in particular, can not long-term work in the large speed ratio.

(6) When the output speed of the hybrid coupler is very low, that is, when the catheter position is close to 0%, it may appear that no noise has occurred in the normal working range. This is due to the mouth of the pump and the outer edge of the pump runner meet the "whistle effect" caused. In this case, as long as the catheter position can be raised slightly, does not belong to the hybrid coupler failure.

(7) should be checked at any time to check the hybrid coupler oil temperature is normal. Found abnormal should find the reasons and promptly excluded.

3, maintenance

(1) regular inspection tank oil level and timely replenishment;

(2) the first operation of the new machine 500 hours after the oil filter should be removed cleaning;

(3) with the work machine downtime for maintenance, regular cleaning pump and oil filter;

(4) regular inspection of oil, the timely replacement of qualified working oil;

(5) If you want to empty the oil in the Hybrid Coupler box, you can unscrew the box input and output the lower part of the output hole plug, but also in the drain hole to load the cut-off valve.

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