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Hybrid Coupler Refueling To Pay Attention To What
Jun 22, 2017

Hybrid Coupler refueling to pay attention to what

The general machine operation may encounter the situation of the machine to add oil as a mixture of liquid oil as a working medium through the pump wheel to convert the kinetic energy of the liquid into mechanical energy to connect the motor and work machinery to achieve power transmission equipment refueling is affirmative, Does the Hybrid Coupler have a requirement for refueling?
The answer is yes about the refueling requirements of the Hybrid Coupler, with the following points:
1. When using a Hybrid Coupler, the user does not have a strong requirement that we can rotate the Hybrid Coupler housing. When the oil filler port reaches the highest point of about 55 °, the internal working fluid just flows out when this stage can be regarded as a Hybrid Coupler Higher rated power for better oil level
2. When filling the oil filling plug, the working medium is filtered through the filter of GF1W0.63 / 0.2 to fill the cavity of the Hybrid Coupler. After filling the appropriate working medium, check and tighten all the oil filler plugs and fusible plugs on the Hybrid Coupler housing.
3. Mixing coupler can not be less than the minimum filling oil for the working chamber of the total volume of 40%, too little oil may lead to lubrication is not in place, thereby reducing the life of the Hybrid Coupler.

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Hybrid Coupler manufacturers analyze Hybrid Coupler units
    Hybrid Coupler Diesel Engine Hybrid Coupler Unit is a power unit consisting of a diesel engine and a Hybrid Coupler drive.
    Diesel engine Hybrid Coupler group has a series of advantages such as smooth transmission, high transmission efficiency, loadable start, overload protection, isolation torsional vibration, slowing operation shock and reducing energy consumption.
    Can be "reasonable purchase costs, higher use of good rate, lower operating costs" to meet most of the conditions and user needs.
    In the oil industry, the modern oil rig is widely used in the hydraulic transmission device, the typical transmission system configuration for the "diesel engine + hydraulic drive + chain and the trunk" unified drive work machine.
    This hydraulic transmission program, not only the diesel engine coupler unit utilization is high, and make the unit running reliable.
    The Hybrid Coupler unit has become the standard configuration for the main drive of the mechanical rig.
    In the separate drilling pump unit matching, the use of Hybrid Coupler unit matching, independent drive drilling pump, the use of hydraulic transmission of the unique performance, instead of the traditional form of supporting, has become a stand-alone pump standard.

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