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Hybrid Coupler Selection Matching Will Affect The Working Quality Of The Machine
Aug 01, 2017

Hybrid Coupler selection matching will affect the working quality of the machine
    The range of Hybrid Couplers is very wide. Different work machines have specific requirements for Hybrid Couplers. Only the choice of Hybrid Coupler in line with the requirements of the work machine in order to ensure the good operation of the machine.
    Such as belt conveyors in order to ensure that the conveyor belt is not damaged when the start, so the matching Hybrid Coupler to start the characteristics of the soft. The power plant boiler air preheater requires a Hybrid Coupler to start the characteristics of hard, which is to ensure smooth start. It can be seen that the selection of Hybrid Coupler matching is very important, the impact of the working quality of the machine is very large.
Everyone in the maintenance of Hybrid Coupler, emptying the work of oil is how to do? Next Xiaobian give you a simple introduction to the Hybrid Coupler emptying the work of oil after the maintenance, interested friends to look at it, I hope you will help!
1, open the oil filter and check and clean.
2, remove the coupling and check.
3, check the input shaft, the output shaft radial runout.
4, remove the sliding regulator and transmission lever from the box.
5, remove the auxiliary lubricating oil pump and its motor.
6, remove the auxiliary working oil pump and its motor.
For the maintenance of the Hybrid Coupler after the maintenance of the oil to introduce this, if you like our products, then quickly come to buy it, if you want to know more information, please feel free to pay attention to our website, We sincerely look forward to your visit!
Sudden Hybrid Coupler. Mainly due to the adverse effects of various unfavorable factors and external influences, which are characterized by sudden, accidental, and generally unrelated to the use of Hybrid Couplers and are therefore difficult to predict.
  With the progressive fault associated with the failure in the development, the operating indicators decline, but has not yet lost its function, while at the same time close to the fault germination stage, when this fault can be diagnosed, that is a potential failure phenomenon, jobs. For example, the vibration value of the Hybrid Coupler gradually increases, the sealing system has traces of oil leakage, etc., it is a potential failure. Functional failure. A part of the Hybrid Coupler fails and the function is not functional and is called a functional failure.
  Before installing the Hybrid Coupler, check the motor shaft, the Hybrid Coupler input shaft and the output shaft hole to be assembled, the shaft diameter of the machine shaft (or reducer shaft), the keyway, shaft extension, and the total length of the Hybrid Coupler. Remove the burrs everywhere, repair the bumped surface. Hybrid Coupler shaft hole and the motor shaft, reducer shaft with the recommended selection of the gap with a smaller gap with the choice of transition can also be used, but must not choose interference with.
  Mainly due to the deterioration of the product parameters (wear, corrosion, fatigue, aging) gradually developed, which is characterized by the probability of occurrence and the use of the time, most of the hydraulic Hybrid Coupler in the late life of the product performance come out. For example, bearing wear, oil seal wear, seal aging. Progressive failure occurs to mark the end of the product life, which is a sign of product overhaul. Since this failure is gradual, it can be predicted.

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