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Hybrid Coupler To Pay Attention To What
Nov 03, 2017

Hybrid Coupler to pay attention to what
General machine operation may encounter machine add oil situation Mixed coupler as a kind of liquid oil as the working medium through the pump wheel to the liquid kinetic energy into mechanical energy Connect the motor and the working machine to achieve the power transmission Equipment refueling is affirmative, So Hybrid Coupler on the fuel requirements?
The answer is yes on the Hybrid Coupler refueling requirements, the following points:
1. When using a Hybrid Coupler, there is no strong requirement that we can rotate the Hybrid Coupler housing. When the oil filler plug reaches about 55 ° from the highest point, the internal working fluid just flows out. At this stage, the Hybrid Coupler can be passed The higher the rated power of the better oil level
2. Filling liquid when filling the plug, the working medium by GF1W0.63 / 0.2 filter can only be filled into the mixed coupler cavity. After filling with the appropriate working medium, check and tighten all the filler plugs and fusible plugs on the housing of the Hybrid Coupler.
3. Hybrid Coupler oil filling capacity can not be too small The minimum oil filling capacity of 40% of the total volume of the working chamber, the oil is too small may result in lubrication is not in place, thereby shortening the life of the Hybrid Coupler.
Hybrid Coupler only safe to use, in order to ensure the normal use of the machine, the following detailed introduction of Hybrid Coupler how to run safely:
1, the Hybrid Coupler must be used as a working medium for the fuel.
2, impeller, turbine wheel and the shell should prevent deformation, damage, corrosion or cracks. Shell has a slight crack, welding repair, but should eliminate the stress.
3, static pressure test should be done when repaired, filled with 0.3MPa pressure, the mixing port of the coupler seal, keep 5min, the pressure shall not decline.
4, a centrifugal coupler valve coupler, centrifuge valve must be added to test the action, the action should be flexible and reliable.
5, Hybrid Coupler repair static balance test should be done, the center of gravity of the axis of rotation of the offset does not exceed 0.02mm.
6, fusible alloy plug must be complete, the melting temperature should be consistent with the provisions of the various types of Hybrid Coupler.
Reminder: The safe use of Hybrid Coupler, contribute to the normal work, the safety of workers is also a responsible, but also to extend the life of the machine.
The application of Hybrid Coupler is very wide range. Different working machines have specific requirements for Hybrid Couplers. Only the choice of Hybrid Coupler in line with the requirements of the working machine, in order to ensure the good working machine.
Such as belt conveyor in order to ensure that the conveyor belt will not damage the start-up, so the matching requirements of the Hybrid Coupler to start the soft characteristics. The power plant boiler air preheater requires the starting characteristics of the Hybrid Coupler to be hard, which is to ensure smooth start. This shows that the selection of Hybrid Coupler matching is very important, the quality of the impact of the running machine is great.

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