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Is There A Difference Between A Repeater And A Router
Jan 06, 2018

Is there a difference between a repeater and a router

The repeater is only a signal transfer device, which is mainly used for the amplifier signal. Because all kinds of transmission lines have corresponding distance restrictions, for example, the twisted pair is 105 meters, the shortest optical fiber is only 500 meters, and the distance between two communication points exceeds the allowable range of the line, so repeaters need to be forwarded. The most used in the past is the hub, not only to relay, but also to connect multiple terminals.

The router is forwarding information identification device, when a packet to the router, the routing system according to its target IP address to determine the forwarding to which one link, or is forwarded to which network, the router is a multi connected network (or other network node equipment). Of course, the router is an active device, and it also plays a relay role in signal intensity. In fact, in the network, as long as the active intermediate devices have relay functions. Of course, besides routing functions, routers usually have many other functions, such as address translation, dialing, policy control, DHCP services and so on, which is not repeatable.

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