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Power Splitter Energy Saving Principle Which
Aug 10, 2017

Power Splitter energy saving principle which
(1) light load to start energy saving
As the Power Splitter to solve the problem of motor start difficult, so the motor with a heavy load with no load on the load, so start low current, start time is short, the impact of the grid is small, low power consumption process; start the longer, more frequent start , The use of power splitter transmission more energy.
(2) reduce the motor capacity and energy saving
As the Power Splitter can solve the problem of large inertia mechanical start, coupled with overload protection and isolation shock, vibration function, so in the design selection, without intention to greatly increase the motor selection margin, usually press the type election Type power divider transmission and rigid transmission ratio can be reduced at least one motor frame size, reduce the installed capacity of 15% to 25% .d motor seat size is reduced, the energy saving effect is obvious.
Increased power factor to improve the power factor can reduce the power capacity and wire cross-section, reduce the line voltage loss and voltage fluctuations, improve the power transmission function.
Reduce the total loss of motor no-load loss Total data show that the motor down a seat, the total consumption decreased by an average of 4.8%.
The motor running the current to reduce the current running the same power, small size motor than the specifications of the motor running current is low.
(3) overload protection energy saving
?? running current is smooth, no overload when the impact of large current, the average running current decreases.
Selection of the motor do not have to consider the load margin of the safety margin, reduce the installed capacity
Protection of motor and work machine in the overload without damage, reduce equipment failure rate, extend the service life.
(4) coordination of multi-motor equalization drive energy saving
In order to start the energy-saving motor in order to start greatly reduce the starting current and the impact on the power grid, reducing the power consumption at startup. Data show that when the three motors together to drive a work machine, according to the order of the motor than the synchronous start saving 50%.
?? Equilibrium load energy saving due to the motor load balance and vibration, so that the motor running smoothly, so that the total drive power reduced, saving a certain amount of power.
(5) to reduce the impact and isolation vibration distortion
Power divider is separated from the work of the machine's strong impact load and vibration, the motor is running smoothly, to avoid the peak load current shock, the energy-saving favorable.
After installing the Power Splitter, do not choose a larger operating conditions, you can press the normal operation of the requirements of the selection of motor, motor power margin greatly reduced, saving energy.
Make sure that the motor is damaged under the impact load and prolong the service life.
According to the work of the transmission requirements of the optional Power Splitter. Such as the work of the machine need to solve the difficulties of starting, overload protection, you have to choose the limit of power divider; need to adjust the energy saving is necessary to choose speed-type hydraulic coupler. Efficiency on the pump torque factor balance principle Power splitter Pump wheel torque coefficient and speed ratio. Speed ratio, high efficiency, pump wheel torque coefficient is small; the other hand, the speed ratio is small, the efficiency is low, the pump torque coefficient is big. Therefore, in the selection match, the pump wheel torque coefficient and speed ratio (ie efficiency) must be balanced, and strive to high efficiency, pump wheel torque coefficient is also larger

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