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Power Splitter Maintenance To Use A Reliable Seal Structure
Oct 23, 2017

Power Splitter maintenance to use a reliable seal structure
Power Splitter Maintenance According to the filling method, the vertical power distributor can be divided into ordinary type, limit type vertical power distributor and speed control type vertical power distributor. According to the transmission type, the vertical power distributor can Divided into direct drive and parallel drive two; according to the Power Splitter and power machine installation location points, vertical Power Splitter can be divided into two kinds of sitting and hanging. Vertical power dividers that can be mounted vertically and vertically with mechanical equipment are called vertical power distributors. Its classification and characteristics are as follows:
The governor type power divider is limited by the structure, and only the suspension is not mounted, that is, the motor is above the power divider and the work machine is under the power divider.
Vertical Power Splitter structural features From the surface point of view, it seems that the vertical hydraulic coupling is a horizontal power distributor stand up to use, the power distributor to the next end of the seal to be strengthened. Horizontal Power Splitter at work, most of the working fluid in the circular circle diameter work, so the spindle center of the possibility of leakage is small. The vertical Power Splitter vertical installation, by the role of gravity, the working fluid down the possibility of leakage. In order to prevent leakage, must use a reliable sealing structure, and some to the next end of the cover.
Overload when working fluid large circulation movement, relying on dynamic pressure and gravity, can quickly leak into the auxiliary cavity below, timely protection of motor and work machine in the overload when not damaged. If the auxiliary chamber is above, the direction of the flow of the liquid flow is opposite to that of the auxiliary chamber during overload, and it is necessary to rely on the static pressure and overcome the gravity to push the liquid to the auxiliary chamber above, so that the speed of the discharge is slow. The lower power divider is sensitive. The grease plug and fusible plug should be located above. For easy refueling and removal of fusible plugs, the filler plug and fusible plug should be located above. At the same time should also be set below the oil drain plug, so that when used for oil change. Usually the position of the vertical Power Splitter is exactly 80% oil-filled.
When the Power Splitter is used, install a mesh shield and ensure ventilation and heat dissipation. Not a sharp reversal. In theory, the power distributor can be positive and negative, but the sharp positive and negative, because the inertial force is too large and damage the power distributor of the connecting parts, it should strictly abide by the operating procedures, to avoid sharp positive and negative turn, Especially in the tower crane or bridge crane and other host on the use of hydraulic power distributor to pay special attention to this point. The steering of the output shaft of the Power Splitter is the same as the steering of the motor shaft, and the motor should be checked for the first test. Regularly check the prime mover shaft (motor) and work shaft (such as reducer) to install coaxial accuracy, and to correct, to ensure its smooth operation.
The melting point of the fusible alloy in the fusible plug is 120 ± 5 ℃. If the working temperature of the working fluid rises, the fusible alloy melts and the working fluid is ejected. At this point should be troubleshooting, re-filling, and replace the new fusible plug. Note: Do not use metal solid plugs to replace the fusible plug. In the power divider with the bearing housing, the grease is filled in the bearing cavity at the factory. Continuous operation, the hydraulic power distributor operating temperature shall not exceed 90 ℃. When the power distributor is running, due to the heat of the bearing grease leakage, this is not the Power Splitter working medium leakage, should pay attention to the difference. The output torque is equal to the input torque minus the friction torque, so its output torque is always less than the input torque. The Power Splitter input shaft is connected with the output shaft by liquid, and there is no Hankson filter between the working members. Power Splitter is characterized by: to eliminate the impact and vibration; output speed is lower than the input speed, the two shaft speed difference increases with the load increases; overload protection performance and start performance, the load is too large and stop the input shaft Can still be rotated, does not cause damage to the power machine; when the load decreases, the output shaft speed increases until close to the input shaft speed, so that the transmission torque tends to zero.

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