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Principles Of Application Of Repeater
Mar 01, 2017

According to the Repeater products characteristics and needs of mobile communication networks, different geographic environments and applications and system solutions are different, which requires careful analysis, differential treatment.

Wireless repeaters, signal isolation is particularly important. Wireless Repeater is to receive signals from space, ask the signal as pure as possible and more dense areas in the base station, separation of different base station signals or sectors will greatly increase the difficulty of which makes the Repeater interference increases to the base station. So more dense areas in the base station is recommended as far as possible the introduction of cable, such as fiber optic Repeater. Does not have the conditions of using fiber optic repeater sites, only the use of wireless Repeater, but its donor antenna must have sufficient selectivity.

For all types of areas and applications, because the base station density, user traffic in different, proposed the following principles of application of Repeater:

Urban compact district

Due to the large amount of users, number of base stations more, not usually present a large range of signal blind area Repeater is used to resolve small regions fill blind signal coverage inside buildings. In the case of fibre to the building is not yet common, wireless Repeater is needed. As more buildings, the number of Repeater will also increase, there will be a base station configured more than one Repeater.

But the introduction to the base station Repeater interference, interference will increase as the number of repeaters to increase, in particular introduction of high power Repeater, will make the system significantly. Therefore, in densely populated areas of the city should adopt a low power (1 w) Repeater.

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