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Repeater Maintenance To Use A Reliable Seal Structure
Aug 21, 2017

Repeater maintenance to use a reliable seal structure

Repeater maintenance by filling the way, vertical Repeater can be divided into ordinary type, limited moment vertical Repeater and speed control vertical Repeater; by type of transmission, vertical Repeater can Divided into direct drive and parallel drive two; according to the relay and power machine installation location points, vertical Repeaters can be divided into two kinds of sitting and hanging. Vertical Repeaters that can be mounted vertically and vertically are called vertical Repeaters. Its classification and characteristics are as follows:

Adjustable speed Repeater is limited by structure, only hanging vertical without sitting, that is, the motor at the top of the Repeater, the work machine in the relay below.

Vertical structural characteristics of the Repeater From the surface, it seems that vertical hydraulic coupling is a horizontal relay stand up to use, the relay to the next end of the seal to be strengthened. Horizontal Repeater at work, most of the working fluid in the circular circle diameter work, so the spindle center of the possibility of leakage is small. The vertical Repeater vertical installation, by the role of gravity, working fluid down the possibility of leakage. In order to prevent leakage, must use a reliable seal structure, and some to the next end of the casing.

Overload when working fluid large circulation movement, relying on dynamic pressure and gravity, can quickly leak into the auxiliary cavity below, timely protection of motor and work machine in the overload when not damaged. If the auxiliary chamber is above, the direction of the flow of the liquid flow is opposite to that of the auxiliary chamber during overload, and it is necessary to rely on the static pressure and overcome the gravity to push the liquid to the auxiliary chamber above, so that the speed of the discharge is slow. The lower Repeater is sensitive. The grease plug and fusible plug should be located above. For easy refueling and removal of fusible plugs, the filler plug and fusible plug should be located above. At the same time should also be set below the oil drain plug, so when used for oil change. Usually the location of the vertical Repeater is just 80% of the oil filling position.

Repeater spare parts are usually made of aluminum alloy, regardless of installation and removal are not allowed to hit directly with a hammer. Installation should be in the machine and the engine shaft coated with grease. There are special installation and removal tools. Straight-line Repeater should pay attention to test and correct the coaxial force of the motor shaft and the working shaft, the coupling of the elastic coupling, the coaxial degree tolerance should be less than 0.3mm, the larger the Repeater specifications , The higher the power machine speed, coaxial degree of tolerance should be smaller. The pulley type Repeater is usually cantilevered on the power shaft, fixed with a tightening bolt, and the bolts should be reversed to the power steering. The factory design of the Repeater are equipped with a removable screw hole, with a special screw when the demolition of the relay from the top of the shaft. Generally use oil medium. Working fluid recommended: hydraulic oil, hydraulic transmission oil, refrigeration oil, motor oil, mechanical oil. Coal mine application of the relay using water and flame retardant liquid as the medium. Repeater output steering and power steering the same, the power machine can be reversed, but should avoid a sharp reversal reversal. The maximum amount of liquid is not allowed to exceed 80% of the total volume. Regularly check the quality of the working medium and the elastic block of the friction, the timely replacement.

Repeater, also known as coupling, mainly used to connect the transmission shaft of the institutions, due to different mechanical equipment, a variety of Repeater function is slightly different, such as in the forklift relay is used to transmit the transmission and drive The power between the bridges. 3t below the forklift due to the longitudinal dimension of the drive train is short, generally using rigid connection structure, that is, from the engine - clutch - transmission - coupling shell - drive axle are bolted, that is, from the engine to the drive axle is a rigid overall Rigid overall middle, using gear Repeater.

Repeater to regularly check the fuel tank and fill the fuel tank, the new machine for the first time after 500 hours should be removed after the oil filter filter cleaning, combined with the work machine downtime for maintenance, regular cleaning oil pump and oil filter, to regular Check the oil quality, the timely replacement of qualified working oil; if the relay box body of the oil emptying, you can unscrew the box input, the output of the lower part of the drain hole plug, can also be loaded at the drain hole The

Repeater if there are quality problems, generally can be divided into two categories, one relay leak leakage phenomenon, the second is the relay bearing damage.

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