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Repeater Products
Mar 01, 2017

Usually, the Repeater for mobile communication requirements should be based on technical requirements of the base station.

(1) operating frequency

Echo of GSM and CDMA bands.

(2) rated (maximum) output power rated (maximum) gain (and gain adjustment range, automatic gain control range) and the input level.

This is a set of interrelated indicators should be taken into account.

Maximum power output not exceeding usually Radio Management Bureau under the Ministry of information industry's largest case of limit values, should be split into a number of levels for users to choose from, down mainly cover upward to ensure satisfaction with the base station receives. Therefore, the downstream than upstream.

In order to guarantee that the output power is stable and avoid exporting non-linear, with ≮ 10dB of automatic gain control (AGC) is necessary.

(3) fluctuations in bandwidth, band and band rejection

This is a set of indicators, especially in bandwidth and in-band fluctuations.

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